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Dr. Joseph A. Baldassarre
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The Academy of St, Giles, 2000

                              Pictured left to right
Warren Barnes; tenor, percussion, keyboards, recorders, cornetto
Helene Mock; percussion, recorders, cornetto, alto
Kathy Hurley; recorder, crumhorn
Joseph Baldassarre; director, lutes, recorders, flute, doucaine, percussion, viola da gamba, symphonia, baritone
Aeja Killworth; vielle
Laura Berg; mezzo-soprano, vielle, recorders

Active 1986-2009

     Most of my early music work has been done alone or in duos but I had always wanted the flexibility afforded by a larger group.  Since 1995, The Academy of St. Giles has been the fulfillment of that quest. 
     The group started as a university ensemble with a revolving lineup and has fluctuated from as few as four to as many as eight members.  However, the core of the group has been stable for many years and has settled at six for the last several years.
     The sextet specializes in court music and dances of the 14th and 15th centuries, but has the diversity to reach back into the troubadour era (12th C.) and forward into the early baroque (17th C.).  In 2002, The Academy of St. Giles was honored by being selected "Best of Boise" and was given a concert at the 600-seat Special Events Center on the Boise State University campus.
     Most recently the group has produced two television videos, one live in performance and another in the studio.
A THOUGHT:  Things were never more like today ... than they are right now.