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Dr. Joseph A. Baldassarre
Antonio Baldassarre - Luthier
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Antonio Baldassarre - Luthier
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My father is my Luthier.
Antonio S. Baldassarre (June 13, 1916-April 12, 2004)

     Antonio, my father, began building historical (medieval, renaissance, baroque) instruments after his retirement in 1971.  He builds about one instrument a year, some of which are incredibly ornate.  I do the research on several of the historical instruments, one of which is a copy of a Jean Voboam baroque guitar from 1680.  This particular instrument has over 19,000 individual pieces of minute inlay.  Another baroque guitar is of his own cosmetic design and includes nearly 25,000 pieces of inlay.
     He refuses to sell any of these unique and beautiful instruments, creating them solely for the love of the music, the sonic and visual beauty, and his son.  His instruments number 28 in the summer of 2003.
7 classical guitars, 3 baroque guitars, 1 vihuela, 1 classic-era guitar, 1 acoustical guitar, 1 medieval lute, 6 eight-course renaissance lutes, 1 fourteen-course swan-neck lute, 1 six-course alto lute, 1 five-string fretless bass guitar, 1 seven-course classical bass guitar, 1 symphonia, 1 hand drum, 2 bowed psaltries, plus major repairs on a vielle, citole and a fretless neck for a bass guitar.
     My father's last project was a 10-string classical guitar.  He completed it on March 12, 2004 and I played it in a concert on March 15, which he heard and enjoyed immensely. It was to be his last night out.  He passed away quitely in his sleep exactly one month later of advanced cancer at 87.  I miss him a lot.

Antonio and his just varnished 2002 baroque guitar
Warming up before a 2002 concert on my 1982 Baldassarre classical

Two baroque guitars
Left: my dad's own ornamentation / Right: based on a 1702 Stradivari guitar

medieval, renaissance and baroque lutes

"Voboam" baroque and classical-era guitars

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