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Dr. Joseph A. Baldassarre
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Linda Yordy; flute, baroque flute, renaissance flute
Joseph Baldassarre; guitar, baroque lute, renaissance lute
Active 1980-2010
     Linda and Joe have been playing concerts and local engagements as Camerata since 1987.  The flute and guitar duo was in high demand and was a favorite for local private parties including UA/MGM movie mogul John Rich.
     In 1996, however, the duo made an important move.  Linda acquired a replica baroque flute and Joe brought his 14-course (27-string) swan-neck baroque lute out of the closet.  Baroque flute sonatas and suites, played in period style while reading from facsimiles, were added to Camerata's already huge repertoire with these instruments.
     There are only a few dozen chamber music organizations in the world with this commitment.  Since then, Camerata's appearances have increased to up to six per month.
A THOUGHT:  In boxing - if one of the guys is "the undesputed champion", then what's all the fighting about???