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Dr. Joseph A. Baldassarre
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    Since I have been blessed with a father who is a fine luthier, I have had the rare opportunity to play music on the composer's intended instrument.  Appreciating this rare situation as a performing craftsman, I have endeavored to study the various contemporary techniques, notations, ornamentations, and general performance practices.  Consequently, I have not had to play the various repertoires of the lute, vihuela, classical era guitar, baroque guitar, etc. exclusively on the guitar.

Samples of my repertoires are listed below.

Classical Guitar Concerti:  Concerto Aranjuez - Joaquin Rodrigo; Concierto in D, Op.99 and Concierto for Two Guitars - Mario Castelnuovo Tedesco; Concertos in D , A and - Antonio Vivaldi;  Concerto for Guitar and Chamber Orchestra - Walter Watson; 

Classical Guitar Solos; Lute Suite #1 in E Minor, Lute Suite #4 in E Major, Chaconne - J.S.Bach;  Suite #10 - Jakob Froberger; Sonatina, Suite Castellana - F. Moreno Torroba;  Cappricho Arabe, Recuerdos de la Alhambra, many small pieces - Francisco Tarrega;  Preludes, Etudes, Choros - Heitor Villa-Lobos; Leyenda -  Isaac Albeniz; Many works by Fernando Sor, Agustin Barrios, Pernambucco - - - Actually, I've been at this for 40 years so I've done far more than I can list here.

Baroque Guitar:  several suites and pieces composed by Robert de Visee, Remy Medard, Gaspar Sanz, etc.

Vihuela: especially works by Luys Milan and Alonso Mudarra

Classical Era Guitar:  an all-American concert, predominantly works by Justin Holland, and many parlor works

Renaissance Lute:   I've concentrated on English composers, especially John Dowland and Daniel Bachelar; and various Italians such as Giovanni Terzi, Dalza and Bossenensis

Since 2010, due to a neurological condition and osteoarthritis, I have been unable to play many instruments, including classical guitar and renaissance lute.  Since my left hand is less affected, I can still play with a plectrum.

                             Aranjuez Classical Guitar Strings
     When I first started playing guitar, I couldn't help but envy Segovia for having his picture on Augustine strings.  I thought: "Wow, you KNOW you've made it when your picture is displayed on a set of strings." 
     Well, a couple of years ago it happened to me  Aranjuez offered to put my photo on their 300 (medium, silver) and 400 (calibrated, heavy, silver) sets.  This was especially gratifying since I had been using Aranjuez for 30 years, and the 400 set for at least 20.  This put me in some very august company with Pepe Romero (on the 200 and 700 sets) and Lily Afshar (on the 600 set).
     Much to my surprise, within 2 months a rival company asked me to endorse their strings - a set that I really don't like.  Whew, that was close!

Aranjuez Calibrata, 400 Set

A THOUGHT:  John Lennon once wondered " many holes it takes to fill The Albert Hall?"  I think it would take all of them.