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Dr. Joseph A. Baldassarre
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Early and Classical Music

About 1982 with some of my Dad's instruments
guitar, baroque lute, 6-course alto lute, vihuela, 8-course lute, medieval lute

    After playing electric guitar from age 6, I was encouraged to take up classical guitar at the Cleveland Institute of Music at 13.  Within 6 months, I was hooked.   
      I won the classical division of Internation Music League contests annually as a teen.  However, I discovered early on that I disliked the road, so thoughts of pursuing the life of a touring concertizer were short-lived.  I also enjoyed getting a monthly paycheck, so I opted for life in academia.  This logical choice would also allow me to do periodic short tours and run-out concerts, which was fine for me.
    I became interested in early music at the Conservatory.  I especially appreciate music of the 14th and early 15th centuries - the exciting dances and the beauty of the court songs. 
    Taking up the lute was a natural.  Eventually I branched out to the baroque and medieval lutes, vihuela and baroque guitar.  The medieval lute, however, allows me so much musical latitude and freedom to improvize, I must admit, it is my favorite.  Consequently I have done much research and experimentation on the medieval lute.  I hope that some articles I've written on how to play the medieval lute in an historical manner will appear soon in a specific prominent lute periodical.
   Camerata started as a flute and guitar duo with friend and colleague Linda Yordy in 1985.  We work so well together, that we are still making music today.  In the early 90's Linda decided to get a baroque flute, giving me the opportunity to break out my swan-neck lute to learn to play original continuo parts.  (see Camerata)
   The Academy of St. Giles does medieval and renaissance music.  The core of the group has been together since 1995 and shows no sign of slowing down.  (see Academy of St. Giles)

Here I am (ca. 2000), looking quite bodacious with my medieval lute and poofy shirt

A few years later
Playing (electrified) renaissance lute at an outdoor concert in Boise

My first guitar, a '57 Guild Ambassador (Dec.1958)
Winning my first city-wide contest at the Sheraton in Downtown Cleveland

A THOUGHT:  Nostalgia ain't what it used to be.